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Inspiring community events for vanlifers and nomads

We create utopian villages with hundreds of like-minded adventurers to come together, learn from each other and make new friends for the road.

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Learn About Peace Love & Vans

Florida’s Most Epic Vanlife Event!


Peace Love & Vans

Peace Love & Vans, is presented by Vanlife Outfitters.

Whether you’re a vanlifer or just vanlife curious, come and join us at the most epic vanlife meetup and industry expo in sunny Florida and one of the largest in the Southeast USA!

Together, we’ll form a 1960’s inspired utopian van village for the weekend featuring hundreds of vans ranging from DIY builds to professionally converted vans and everything in between.

The jam-packed schedule is filled with van tours, expert-led workshops, food trucks, nearly $15,000 in raffle prizes, live music, and an awesome community of like-minded, adventurous people!

Get Involved

If you’d like to work on our team producing these events or would like to support them as an exhibitor/sponsor. Please get in touch with us!